WWE's Enzo Amore Refuses to Remove Penis from His Driver's License

WWE’s Enzo Amore

Refuses to Remove Penis

… from Driver’s License

12/15/2017 9:19 AM PST

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WWE superstar Enzo Amore is telling the state of Delaware to stick it — ’cause there ain’t a chance they’re getting his penis-ish signature scrubbed from his driver’s license!!

Enzo went full heel describing his DMV beef — claiming he’s been getting calls from DMV reps demanding he change his license ASAP due to the suggestive signature. 

Let’s be real … it definitely looks like a dong. 

But, Enzo says there’s no way in hell he’s rejiggering his John Hancock — and he’s willing to go to war over it.  

“There ain’t no way the state of Delaware is gonna tell me how to sign my own license!! I’ve been signing this signature since grade school!!”

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