UFC's T.J. Dillashaw to Demetrious Johnson: 'Man Up' & 'Don't Be Scared' to Fight Me

UFC’s T.J. Dillashaw

Man Up & Fight Me, Mighty Mouse

… Don’t Be Scared, Homie!

11/24/2017 12:25 AM PST


T.J. Dillashaw wants to fight Demetrious Johnson so bad, he’s stepping his trash-talk game up to Nick Diaz levels to put the UFC pound-for-pound king on notice.

“Don’t be scared … man up, let’s do it,” T.J. told TMZ Sports out in L.A. 

Dillashaw’s been chasing Mighty Mouse the whole year — and says DJ’s time at the top is almost up since that’s the only fight he wants. 

The UFC bantamweight champ told us Mighty Mouse should be pumped for the scrap too — ’cause he’d actually be able to sell tickets for once!! (Burn.)

As for how the fight would go … T.J. told us it “definitely” could be LIGHTS OUT for Demetrious.

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