Tyson Chandler On Devin Booker Fight, 'It's a Good Laugh!'

Tyson Chandler

On Devin Booker Fight

‘It’s a Good Laugh!’

7/16/2018 3:30 PM PDT


Tyson Chandler ain’t mad at his teammate, Devin Booker, for that elevator fight — in fact, TC says the whole thing is funny!!!

TMZ Sports broke the story … Booker rushed to the aid of his then-Phoenix Suns teammate, Tyler Ulis, after Tyler got attacked in an apartment elevator back in 2017. 

Since Chandler was on the Suns (and still is) at the time of the incident, we asked what he thought about the fight

“Honestly,” Chandler told us … “The video is just funny!”

Tyson says the major point is that no one got hurt — and no harm, no foul! 

In fact, Tyson said had he known Ulis was in trouble that night, “I might’ve been there with ’em.”

As we previously reported, cops were called to the apartment that night … but, no one was arrested. 

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