TV Producer Killed After E-Cigarette Explodes, Burned 80% of His Body

Ex-CNBC Producer

Death by Exploding E-Cigarette …

Burned 80% of His Body

5/16/2018 7:56 AM PDT

A former CNBC producer was killed when his e-cigarette exploded and lodged in his skull … according to an autopsy.

Tallmadge Wakeman D’Elia died on Cinco de Mayo in St. Petersburg, FL after his vape pen ignited a fire in his bedroom. The autopsy results just came out and reportedly showed the e-cig not only exploded and sparked the blaze, but it made a “projectile wound” in D’Elia’s skull. 

The 38-year-old’s vape pen was reportedly a device made in the Philippines that is unregulated and not recommended for beginners. It’s still unclear what caused the pen to explode. 

FEMA, which keeps stats on e-cigarettes, says D’Elia’s death is the first in the U.S. caused by a vape pen. 

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