Trump Tower Climber — Tom Cruise and I Have the Same Sole (PHOTOS)


The Trump Tower climber and Tom Cruise have one thing in common — the same taste in shoes.

Five Ten tells TMZ its climbing shoe — the Rogue VCS 5.10 worn by the man who scaled 21 floors Wednesday — has seen greater heights with a bigger star and a law-abiding citizen … Tom Cruise.

The company says it designed the shoes Tom wore in “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” specifically for the scene where his character climbs the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates — the tallest structure in the world.

The Trump climber bought ’em in blue, and viewers took notice — cause Five Ten tells us its online sales have spiked since the wannabe Spider-Man went all daredevil in Manhattan.

But the shoe company’s crystal clear — climbing Trump’s or anyone else’s building is not the way to meet him … or, frankly, anyone.


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