Tomi Lahren

Trump’s Stormy Daniels Scandal is Nonsense

… Quit Attacking Him!!!

3/17/2018 1:46 PM PDT


Tomi Lahren‘s completely fed up with what she believes is an attempt to torpedo President Trump with “salacious garbage” stories.

We got the Fox News contributor at LAX Friday night and asked her about the ongoing scandal involving Stormy Daniels and the Prez … and it set her off. Tomi tells us she’s sick and tired of the nonsense … because Americans have more important stuff to deal with.

Tomi also has a theory on why the media is even covering the “porn garbage” when it should be focusing on all the good things Trump has done … and gives us a few examples.

As we reported, though … Trump’s lawyer fired back at Stormy Friday over breaching the infamous “hush” agreement, and wants to go after her for $20 million.

That certainly won’t make the story go away … no matter how Tomi feels.