The Koch Brothers Reportedly Helped Finance 'Wonder Woman' with Bill Gates

The Koch Brothers

Helped Pay for ‘Wonder Woman’

With Bill Gates: Report

8/9/2017 7:46 AM PDT

The Koch Brothers reportedly helped finance “Wonder Woman” and other films with Bill Gates … and Donald Trump‘s Treasury Secretary.

The way the story goes … Steven Mnuchin roped Charles Koch, David Koch and Gates into a production company he helped start to finance movies like ‘WW,’ “Dunkirk,” and Spielberg’s upcoming “Ready Player One.”

The Koch Brothers struck a $450 million deal in 2013 to become stakeholders in Mnuchin’s company RatPac-Dune Entertainment … and Gates was brought in as an investor for a similar amount.

Although Mnuchin has divested from the company because of his gig in Trump’s administration … the Koch Brothers are reportedly still very much involved. 

Also worth noting … reps for the Kochs denied investing in RatPac.

Still, it’s interesting. The Koch Brothers — worth more than $96 billion — are known as backers of conservative efforts.

Wonder how Diana Prince would feel about this. 

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