Taylor Swift's Album Drops on 10th Anniversary of Death of Kanye's Mother

Taylor Swift


Album Drops on 10th Anniversary of Donda West’s Death

8/25/2017 6:22 AM PDT


It’s not news Taylor Swift and Kanye West dislike each other, but the timing of her new album release takes it to a whole new level.

Taylor’s album, “Reputation,” is set to drop November 10, exactly 10 years to the day Donda West died from complications from cosmetic surgery.

Donda was everything to Kanye and her death shattered him for years. In fact, his breakdown last year coincided with the death anniversary.

In fairness, November 10 is a Friday … the preferred day to drop albums. Nonetheless, Donda’s death was such a big deal it’s hard to forget, especially if you’re feuding with her son.  

TMZ broke the story … when Kanye released “Famous” with the lyric, “I made that bitch famous” — referring to Taylor — she claimed he didn’t give her a heads-up, but turns out Kanye recorded her saying just that.

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