Susan Lucci Looks Baywatch-Ready for Valentine's Beach Vacay

Susan Lucci

Baywatch-Ready in Barbados …

Hubba Hubba!!!

2/14/2018 7:53 AM PST

Susan Lucci‘s still making daytime look hot … she’s just doing it on the beach in Barbados now, instead of TV.

The “All My Children” legend was lounging in a red one-piece that proves she’s still ready to play soap opera sex kitten Erica Kane … someone just say the word.

Susan’s having a Valentine’s getaway with her husband, Helmut Huber … who she’s been with for 48 years! (Suck it, Erica with your 11 marriages).

Here’s a few things you’re definitely NOT thinking about while looking at this gallery: Susan is a mother of 2, grandmother of 3, and 71 glorious years young.

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