Rob Gronkowski Racks Up $100k Tab During Shirtless Turn-Up


Racks Up $100k Tab

… At Casino Turn-Up

6/19/2017 8:50 AM PDT

Exclusive Details

How much does it cost to party with Rob Gronkowski for a night? More than most people make in a year … ’cause Gronk and Co. racked up a HUGE $100k tab at a casino nightclub over the weekend.

TMZ Sports obtained the itemized receipt for Gronk and his 20-man party crew at Shrine at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut this weekend. We confirmed it’s legit. It’s pretty awesome. 

In total, Gronk’s gang tore through 160 BOTTLES OF CHAMPAGNE including:

– 18 bottles of Ace of Spades Rose: $18,000

– 15 bottles of Dom Perignon Rose: $27,000

There’s more … including 16 bottles of Grey Goose for $10,400, 45 orders of Maker’s Mark, 24 shots of Jim Beam Fire, 3 bottles of Don Julio 1942. These guys weren’t messin’ around. 

It’s unclear who footed the bill (most likely the casino) … but it’s not like Gronk can’t afford it anyway — dude’s gonna make more than $4 mil next year.

It’s good to be Gronk.

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