Rampage Jackson: Let's Fight, Nick Diaz!! Payback for Hollering at My Girl

Rampage Jackson to Nick Diaz:

‘Let’s Fight, Motherf**ker’

Hollerin’ at My Girl Wasn’t Cool

10/29/2017 12:25 AM PDT


Rampage Jackson says there’s only 1 way he can get square with Nick Diaz after Diaz tried to swoop his girl – FIGHT!!!!!!

“Nick Diaz, come to my weight class. You know you disrespected me. You know you was outta order. Come to my weight class, motherf**ker!”

FYI, Rampage and Nick were out partying in Vegas last week … when Nick made his move in a video that some people think was staged.

But now … we got Jackson calling out the elder Diaz bro — even though Nick’s at least 50 pounds lighter than him. 

Is Rampage being serious? Hard to tell … but anything to get Diaz back in the cage, right??

Fun Fact: This rivalry goes back to a 100% real (and hilarious) incident where Rampage hollered at Nick’s girl inside a Burger King.


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