Putin Gives Trump World Cup Soccer Ball In Hacky Metaphor

Vladimir Putin

Gives Trump World Cup Ball

… In Hacky Metaphor

7/16/2018 9:22 AM PDT

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Vladimir Putin presented Donald Trump with a soccer ball from the World Cup in Russia … and then dropped the following eye-rolling metaphor … 

“Mr. President, I’ll give this ball to you … and now the ball is in your court.”


It all went down at a massive media event in Helsinki, where the two world leaders had a private meeting for several hours where they discussed everything from election interference to NATO. 

Trump was fired up about the meeting — and the soccer ball, throwing it to Melania (who was sitting in the front row) and announcing that he would be giving it to his son, Barron.

POTUS also praised Putin for the way his country hosted the 2018 World Cup and said the US will strive to do “as good a job” when it comes to the States in 2026. 

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