Pitbull Rocks Baby Jersey At Home Run Derby And Gets Roasted


Rocks Baby Jersey At HR Derby

… Gets Clowned Ruthlessly

7/11/2017 7:17 AM PDT

Mr. 305 needs to loosen up a little bit, actually, probably a lot …

Social media had all kinds of slander for Pitbull after he rocked this extra smedium baseball jersey and tiny pants at the MLB Home Run Derby in Miami Monday night, and it was hilarious.

Here’s some of our favorites.

“Look I don’t care If Trump didn’t know, that Pitbull outfit happened on his watch.”

“Who crushed the most balls at the Home Run Derby? RT for Pitbull’s pants, Like for Aaron Judge”

“If I never have to see Pitbull in a baseball uniform ever again that would be great.”

No response from Pitbull yet, but let’s face it, his body did all the talking it had to.

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