Omarosa Blows Up At NABJ Conference Over Dig At Trump


Blows Up At Conference

You Wanna Talk About My Story or Trump?!

8/11/2017 4:17 PM PDT

Omarosa got so pissed when a moderator dragged President Donald Trump‘s name into a discussion about police brutality … she damn near left.

Omarosa took part in a panel Friday at the National Association of Black Journalists to discuss police brutality. Omarosa — a staunch Trump supporter and an aide to the Prez — took issue with how journalist Ed Gordon phrased the question … sparking the feud. 

Check it out … Omarosa was all in for sharing her story about how her father and brother were murdered … but wasn’t having it when Trump’s name came up, saying she wasn’t going to defend every single one of his decisions.

As the beef went on … video begins to play in the background showing Trump’s recent comments encouraging cops to rough up people they arrest. 

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