Odell Beckham Hits 315 Lbs On Bench Press, But Does It Count?!

Odell Beckham

Hits 315 Lbs On Bench Press

… But, Does It Count?!

5/18/2018 7:20 AM PDT

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Here’s Odell Beckham pushing 315 lbs on the bench press — impressive — but the question is — how much did that shirtless trainer dude help him out?

The NY Giants wide out was clearly impressed with himself — enough to post the footage on social media — but it got us wondering, is that a “true” rep … or was topless guy being a little too hands on with the spot? 

Either way, Beckham’s come a long way from his horrific bench performance at the 2014 NFL Combine … where he only put up a measly 7 reps of 225.

For comparison, 2 of the top WRs in the 2018 Draft — Calvin Ridley and D.J. Moore — pushed 15 reps at the Combine … and tied for the worst bench performance among WRs. 

The good news for Beckham … no one really cares how much he can lift. Dude can ball. 

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