Nick Young to Patrick Beverley, Were You Drunk? Clips Ain't Better Than Warriors

Swaggy P to Patrick Beverley:

Were You Drunk?

Clips Ain’t Better Than Warriors

7/16/2018 7:12 AM PDT


Nick Young thinks Patrick Beverley must’ve been on the sauce when he declared the Clippers to be the best team in the NBA … asking TMZ Sports, “He was drunk that night or something?”

Remember, earlier this month, Beverley proudly told us he REALLY believes his new Clip squad is better than the Lakers and the Warriors … and are real contenders to win the NBA title. 

So, when we saw Swaggy — who plays for the Warriors — leaving Craig’s in West Hollywood Sunday night … we had to ask for his thoughts. His reaction says it all. 

There’s more … now that LeBron‘s in the West, we asked Swaggy to name some of the teams in the East that could make a real run.  

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