NBA's Emmanuel Mudiay Challenges 8th Grader to 1-on-1, Kid Drains 5 Straight 3s!!

NBA’s Emmanuel Mudiay

1-on-1 With 8th Grade Prodigy

Kid Drains 5 Straight 3s!!

8/21/2017 12:55 AM PDT


NBA star Emmanuel Mudiay made a dream come true for one of the best junior high basketball players in the country Tuesday … when he challenged the 8th grader to some 1-on-1!!

It all went down at Mudiay’s skills academy at the YMCA in Albany, NY where Mudiay took on 13-year-old Dior Johnson — and the kid straight-up BALLED OUT!!

Mudiay clearly didn’t go 100% — he was wearing Vans — but that doesn’t take away from the crazy impressive shots Dior hit. At one point, he makes 5 straight 3-pointers!!

But Mudiay ends up getting his revenge by throwing the hammer down on the young baller to end the game.

FYI, Dior ain’t no joke — he’s widely regarded as one of the top young prospects in the country … and if things go the right way, you could see him in the 2023 NBA Draft.

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