Muhammad Ali's Widow is Selling Fighter's Boxing Ring Farmhouse For $2.9 Mil

Muhammad Ali’s Widow

Selling Fighter’s Boxing Ring Farmhouse

… For $2.9 Mil

6/20/2018 1:13 PM PDT

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The place where boxing’s GOAT Muhammad Ali lived — and actually boxed — is up for sale … and it could be all yours for a cool $2.9 mil.

Ali’s widow — Lonnie — is selling the Berrien Springs, Michigan farm that Ali bought in 1975, about 10 years before his Parkinson’s diagnosis … and it comes with a legit boxing ring in the gym.

The place is massive — 81 acres — and it features two houses, a bunch of garages, a steam room, a massage room and a full-length basketball court … plus a deck overlooking the pond.

The coolest part? Its actual listing price is $2,895,037 … ’cause Lonnie wanted to make sure Ali’s 37 KOs in his career were included somewhere in the price tag.

Pretty cool, right?

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