MLB Players Transform into 'The Sandlot' Stars in Awesome Video

Milwaukee Brewers

Transform into ‘Sandlot’ Stars

… Awesome Video!!

3/19/2018 8:51 AM PDT

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Real-life MLB studs are bringing Smalls, Benny the Jet and all the ‘Sandlot‘ stars back to life … and it’s freakin’ AMAZING.

The classic baseball flick is approaching its 25th anniversary … so, the Milwaukee Brewers took a few hours outta Spring Training to reenact their favorite scene.

All the guys were pretty great — but ya gotta give it up to whoever was in charge of casting. 

Stephen Vogt (Ham), Eric Sogard (Squints) and Brett Phillips (Smalls) REALLY look like the kids grown up … and they also nailed it with their version of “The Beast.” 

The actual ‘Sandlot’ stars ain’t doing so hot … but maybe this video will remind ’em of the better days. 

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