Michael Buble Quits Social Media and Maybe Show Business as Well

Michael Buble has just revealed how devastating his son’s cancer diagnosis was … it has fundamentally altered his life to the point he may quit showbiz.

Michael told the Daily Mail his upcoming album, “Love”, may be the last one he ever records.  According to the article, he says, “I’m retiring from the business. I’ve made the perfect record and now I can leave at the very top.”

Michael also says he’s done with social media forever, saying the 2016 cancer diagnosis of son Noah has put everything into rack focus and that he realized the absurdity of “celebrity narcissism.”

The singer says Noah’s cancer made it almost impossible for him to go on, saying, “You just want to die. I don’t even know how I was breathing.”

The great news … Noah, now 5, is in remission. 

Fair to say … if Michael really does leave it will be a gigantic loss to music.  

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