Meek Mill — Tried to Block Drake from Philly Turnup


Meek Mill tried to set up a full blockade of Drake in Philadelphia, but the plan blew up in his face … TMZ has learned.

Sources in both rappers’ camps tell us Meek had Sunday night marked down on his calendar — knowing full well Drake was scheduled to be behind enemy lines … performing in Meek’s hometown. We’re told Meek’s crew put out calls to several nightclubs asking them to turn down Drake if he wanted to throw an after-party.

Meek’s camp also put out calls to several hundred of their homies in town, and asked them to make a show of force at the Wells Fargo Center. Things really got heated when their crews contacted each other directly — Meek’s team warning Drake’s that there better not be any disrespect when they got to Philly.  

We’re told the warning only pissed off Drake … and reignited the beef. This is exactly why he called Meek a “p****” on Saturday night … and then ripped into him even harder in Philly.

For what it’s worth — Drake did NOT party in town after the concert. It’s unclear if that’s because Meek’s blockade was successful, or if Drizzy just chose to get the hell outta Dodge … with all his bodyguards nearby. 

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