Matt Barnes Says He Smoked Weed Before NBA Games

Matt Barnes

I Smoked Weed Before Every Game

… Since High School

9/18/2018 12:03 PM PDT


If you’ve seen Ex-NBA tough guy Matt Barnes play basketball, chances are you’ve seen him high as a kite … because MB says he smoked weed before every game he played … SINCE HIGH SCHOOL. 

Barnes appeared on Van Lathan‘s ‘Red Pill Podcast’ and talked openly about the taboo of marijuana usage in pro sports … and how he hopes to work with the NBA to change policies banning weed.

Matt then went on to explain he’s not a poser … he’s an advocate and an avid smoker … saying he toked up before NBA games.

“We’d have shoot around at 11, I’d be done by 12, back to the house by 12:30. Roll a joint, smoke it. Take a nap, wake up, eat, shower, and go to the game.”

BTW — Matt also told a HILARIOUS STORY about how he learned his limits with weed, and how going a little too hard with it led to some not-so-awesome results on the basketball court.

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