Mark Zuckerberg Big Ballin' With Roger Goodell In Idaho

Mark Zuckerberg

Big Ballin’ With Roger Goodell

… In Idaho

7/12/2018 4:07 PM PDT

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Here’s a glimpse into what summer camp would look like if you had a boatload of money …

Mark Zuckerberg, Roger Goodell, Robert Kraft and a whole host of rich people converged on Sun Valley Resort in Idaho this week to have talks about what rich people should do with their riches next.

The camp — Allen & Co.’s annual invite-only business conference — has been credited with helping lay the bricks for huge deals like Disney’s merger with ABC and Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo! in the past.

Sooo … what can we read into seeing Kraft, Goodell, Zuckerberg and ex-Steelers coach Bill Cowher all being in attendance??

Probably not much … the conference is said to include golf and even white-water rafting outside of the mogul elbow-rubbing.

So, yeah … a little different than your summer camps, huh?

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