Lisa Vanderpump's Dog Outfit Lawsuit Dismissed

Lisa Vanderpump

Doggy Fashion Lawsuit Tossed

12/5/2017 9:51 AM PST


Lisa Vanderpump‘s lawyers didn’t screw the pooch on the lawsuit she was facing over doggy clothing — it’s been dropped for good.

The suit — filed by dog boutique Fifi & Romeo against Lisa — has been dismissed with prejudice, meaning they can’t refile it. Looks like Lisa might have thrown them a bone, as in a few bucks, because F&R asked the court to toss the case.

We broke the story … the boutique sued Lisa for allegedly failing to promote their company after they agreed to dress Giggy for events and photo shoots. 

We’ve reached out to both Lisa and F&R to see if they did in fact reach a settlement. No word back from either side.

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