Lenny Dykstra — If Mickey Wants A Fight … He Better Kill Me (AUDIO)


More VIOLENT THREATS in the Mickey Rourke vs. Lenny Dykstra beef … this time coming from Lenny, who says if the two actually brawl … IT WILL BE TO THE DEATH!!!

Nails called in to the ‘Drew and Mike’ podcast Monday and responded to vicious and serious threats Rourke made … when he told us he was going to break Lenny’s face if he saw him.

If you thought Lenny was going to play peacemaker YOU THOUGHT WRONG … he absolutely unloads on Rourke calling him a p***y and saying if their fight ever does happen it can only end one way.

“Someone said he can fight and all this … I don’t know. Well, he better be able to fight … you have to kill me motherf***er.”

You gotta listen … Lenny absolutely skewers Mickey on EVERYTHING … accusing him of being an old, broken down, juiced up former domestic abuser.

This one is definitely 100% real.

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