Lakers Should Probably Ditch Isaiah Thomas, Says Ex-Laker Devean George

Isaiah Thomas

Lakers Should Probably Ditch Him

… Says Former Laker

2/24/2018 12:15 AM PST


Isaiah Thomas and Lonzo Ball miiight be able to mesh … but the Lakers are probably better off letting I.T. walk this summer — so says former longtime Laker Devean George.

We got Devean at LAX on Monday … and the 3-time NBA champ wasn’t ready to close the book on the Zo-I.T. era just yet.

“They’re the same position, but they do different things. I.T. comin’ in tryna score that thang, and you got somebody tryna dish it, so it might be able to work,” George told TMZ Sports.

That said, D.G. told us the Lakers should look at other free agents before paying Isaiah a dime.

“I’d wait and see who else is on the market first.”

Here’s who else — Chris Paul, DeMarcus Cousins, Paul George … oh, and LEBRON — who LaVar Ball told us is a lock to join Lonzo in L.A.

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