Kathy Griffin's Neighbor Says He's the Real Victim in Their Feud

Kathy Griffin

Neighbor Runs to Court …

Says He’s the Real Victim in Feud

10/5/2017 8:33 AM PDT

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Kathy Griffin‘s neighbor refuses to back down, and has actually gone to court to get his own restraining order against her and her bf.

Kathy fired the first shot in the neighborhood feud last month … getting a temporary restraining order against Jeffrey Mezger after he went on a rant against Kathy and Randy Bick. He’d also called police to make a noise complaint against them.

On Wednesday, Mezger requested his own TRO. As it stands, Mezger must stay 100 yards away from Kathy and Randy. If his filing is approved, it will be ditto for them.

There’s a court hearing scheduled for next week to sort out the whole mess.

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