Justin Bieber Looking to Capitalize on His Middle Name in Fashion

Justin Bieber

How Do You Drew?

Wear My New Clothes!!!

2/23/2018 9:29 AM PST

Justin Bieber‘s looking to expand his brand, and the plan is to get all his fans rocking clothing plastered with his name … his middle name, that is.

JB’s company just filed paperwork to lock down the name “Drew” for all sorts of clothing apparel — from shorts, jeans and skirts to sweaters, jackets and coats. He also wants to venture into the pajama and children’s clothing world.

But wait, there’s more … Bieber also filed to trademark the terms “The House of Drew,” and the fancier French version — “La Maison Drew.” Because if Beyonce can have a ‘House of’ fashion line … so can the Biebs.

Interesting to note — Bieber has applied for the “Drew” trademark twice before — in 2012 and 2015 — but the application was abandoned both times. Maybe now that he’s a few years older and wiser … he’s getting serious.

Seems like it’s going that way with Selena Gomez, too.

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