Jason Derulo: Hiring Black Jockey Would Be Dope, But Winning Comes First

Jason Derulo

Hiring Black Jockey Would Be Dope

… But Winning Comes First

11/24/2017 12:20 AM PST


Race shouldn’t matter in horse racing … so says horse owner Jason Derulo who says it would be great to hire a black jockey … but his priority is hiring a winner. 

Derulo recently became a part-owner of an Australian thoroughbred and made it clear he’s looking to rack up some W’s on the track. 

We raised the point that there hasn’t been a black jockey in the winner’s circle of the Kentucky Derby in 100 years … and asked if Jason was looking to change that. 

But he hit us with some real talk … it’s not about breaking racial barriers, it’s about winning — and if the best jockey happens to black — great! He’ll hire him in a second.

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