Ja Rule Says Banksy Tweet was a Joke, But Now It's Getting Real

Ja Rule

Just Joking About Banksy Search

But Now I Got Some Leads

11/18/2017 12:20 AM PST


Ja Rule says he was just playing when he said he was looking for Banksy, but then things got real … and now he’s hoping to score a meeting in a dark alley somewhere.

We got the rapper at LAX Friday and asked him why he’s trying to find the anonymous street artist … but he’s pretty secretive himself. What’s interesting is he claims he got some “real feedback” from people who know Banksy … but our guy’s not really buying it.

He does tell us he’s got a new project coming soon, and suggests he wants to collab with Banksy on it — if he can find him.

So, Banksy, if you’re reading this …

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