J.R. Smith's Brainfart Cavs Jersey Auction Over $11,000

J.R. Smith

Brainfart Cavs Jersey Auction …

Over $11,000!!!

6/21/2018 9:13 AM PDT

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The war for J.R. Smith‘s most infamous jersey is raging — with bidding on his NBA Finals brainfart uniform already passing the $11,000 mark!!!

The NBA is auctioning off the jersey from Game 1 of the NBA Finals — the game where Smith grabbed a clutch rebound with the score tied at the end of the 4th quarter and, for some reason … RAN OUT THE CLOCK! 

The bidding started at $620 … but things escalated quickly and, after 110 bids, the number has already reached $11,120. 

Just like in Game 1, the clock is winding down … bidding ends at 6:50 PM PT Thursday. 

FYI … LeBron‘s Game 1 jersey — the one he scored 51 points in and STILL lost — is up for sale too, for around $100k.

So … for way less than a quarter of a million — you can act out the infamous play in authentic attire at your local Y.

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