Henry Cavill Out as Superman for DC and Warner Bros.

Henry Cavill

Hold the Kryptonite …

He’s Hanging Up Superman’s Cape!!

9/12/2018 7:23 AM PDT

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When ya look up in the sky … it might be a bird, might be a plane, but it damn sure won’t be Henry Cavill — he’s leaving the role of Superman.

Henry was in negotiations with Warner Bros. to put on the blue tights and red cape for a cameo in its upcoming “Shazam!” movie, but talks broke down and both sides walked away … according to The Hollywood Reporter.

HC bolting leaves a couple of HUGE holes in the DC cinematic universe, since Ben Affleck already ditched the Batman suit.

Cavill played the Man of Steel 3 times and had been expected to do it again for a solo Superman flick and a ‘Justice League’ sequel.

Word is Warner Bros is in the market for a couple of young guns to fill Aflleck and Cavill’s rubber boots. The only good news is they’ve still got Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller on board as Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Flash.

The want ads in Metropolis and Gotham just got way more interesting.

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