Gary Busey Reveals Back Story on His Famous 'Point Break' Line

Gary Busey on ‘Point Break’

Loses It Over ‘Utah, Get Me Two!’

It Wasn’t in the Script!!!

9/13/2018 12:40 AM PDT


Gary Busey‘s VERY passionate about his new book and really wants you to go out and buy it, but in the meantime … just enjoy this wild clip of Busey being Busey.

The eccentric bundle of energy was on “TMZ Live” talking about, “Buseyisms: Gary Busey’s Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth” — but we just had a feeling this would NOT be a boring book discussion. We were right … big time!

Besides explaining why he’s really only 11 years old, Gary took us back to his most awesome role — Pappas from “Point Break” — and revealed how he came up with that famous line.

It’s awesome.

As for his book … Gary says it’s his whole life story — including all his ups and downs in Hollywood. If you’re interested, he’s having a book signing Thursday night at The Grove in L.A.

Make sure you watch to the end. Dude absolutely cracked himself up. We’re still not sure what was so funny … but Gary is a trip.

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