Floyd Mayweather Offers Olive Branch To Atlanta With Trae Young Talk

Floyd Mayweather

Olive Branch To Atlanta

… Talks With Trae Young!!

7/12/2018 7:55 AM PDT

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Here’s Floyd Mayweather trying to make peace with the city of Atlanta — a place where, the last time he was spotted, he was SHOT AT!!

Floyd sat courtside to watch the Hawks’ Summer League game in Vegas on Wednesday … and, when their newest superstar, Trae Young, balled out — the boxing legend invited him for a postgame chat.

Unclear what the convo was actually about … but, Floyd didn’t seem to have any problem taking pics with ATL’s newest hero …

Trae’s only 19 … but, if he turns into Atlanta’s next big thing — perhaps their newfound relationship saves Floyd’s bodyguards a bullet to the legs the next time he’s in A-Town?? 

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