'Flipping Out' Star Jeff Lewis Shades Jenni Pulos with Red 'X' in Promo Photo

‘Flipping Out’ Star Jeff Lewis

X Marks the Spot

… I’m Done with Jenni Pulos!!!

9/11/2018 1:36 PM PDT

Jeff Lewis fired a major shot at his longtime “Flipping Out” co-star, Jenni Pulos … and it’s sure to make fans flip out.

The famed house flipper just shared a promotional image for the upcoming Tuesday night premiere of season 11 of the show on social media … with one major edit — a huge red “X” over Pulos’ face.

Lewis is standing between Jenni and his partner, Gage Edward. The caption’s pretty innocuous, but Jeff’s clearly letting it be known … his relationship with Pulos is dunzo.

Jeff and Jenni reportedly had a falling out after an explosive fight — which will be aired on the upcoming season — and haven’t spoken since. As for what led to the fight … she reported Jeff to the network, claiming he was abusive, harassed her and generally created a hostile working environment. 

Lewis followed up with his own claim … that he and Pulos had been faking their business relationship for the cameras and she hadn’t actually worked for him for years.

Regardless, the 2 had been together on screen since the hit reality series debuted in 2007 … and both are executive producers.

They’re just no longer friends.

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