Epic Irish Lady Ethers Conor McGregor, 'Disgusting Man, Absolute Disgrace'

Conor McGregor

Ethered by Epic Irish Lady

‘Disgusting Man, Absolute Disgrace’

4/16/2018 1:51 PM PDT


If you think Conor McGregor‘s bus attack pissed people off in New York, wait ’til ya get a load of this old lady from Ireland … who went NUCLEAR on Conor at LAX!!


Our photog was asking Brandon T. Jackson a question about McGregor when this woman came outta nowhere, hijacked the interview and unleashed hell on the Irishman.

“He’s a big a** … absolutely disgusting man. Nobody likes him in Ireland,” she told TMZ Sports

She continued — “Absolute disgrace. If Mayweather ever sees him again, I hope he kicks his ass!”

Brandon loves it … and is the perfect hype man as she goes HAM.

“You about to get a whoopin’ by grandmama right here … I got my money on her, Conor!”

Yeah … might wanna look into extending that vacay.

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