DeRay Davis Denies Only Part of His On-Set Beef with Tamar Braxton

DeRay Davis on Tamar Braxton

Yeah, We Argued …

But I Never Said I’d Sic My Sisters!

9/10/2017 11:03 AM PDT


DeRay Davis has a funny way of explaining his on-set blow up with Tamar Braxton last week … which involves board games, family, and only a partial denial.

We got the comedian Saturday night at Bootsy Bellows in WeHo, where we asked about his beef with Tamar on the set of “Hip Hop Squares” … where he jokingly accused her of lip-syncing, and eventually threatened to get his sisters to beat her ass after an argument.

DeRay says the story’s BS — well, only part of it actually. He admits he and Tamar got into a spat, but that’s only because they were competing … and Tamar’s a cheater, according to him. He denies siccing any of his six sisters on her.

Dude had to cut the story short, though … for obvious reasons.

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