DeAndre Jordan Tempts Fate Riding Skateboard In L.A.

DeAndre Jordan

Riding Skateboard In L.A.

… Tempting Fate

6/19/2017 9:31 AM PDT

Hold your breath, Clippers nation … your franchise center, DeAndre Jordan, is going full Tony Hawk … hitting the streets of L.A. on a skateboard and, although it’s terrifying, he ain’t half bad.

Jordan is 6’11” and 265 pounds but that didn’t stop him from straight thrashing on video recently, getting a little help from some bystanders.

Here’s the thing … fun is great and all, but could you imagine the fallout if DJ fell? The Clippers need all the help they can get to lose to the Warriors next year.

Next time, helmet and elbow pads please. 

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