Curt Schilling Plays Hall of Fame Game, Who's In, Who's Out?

Curt Schilling

Plays Hall of Fame Game

Who’s In, Who’s OUT?

11/25/2017 12:45 AM PST


TMZ SPORTS DISCLAIMER: Curt Schilling is in no way dissing any of the baseball players mentioned in this post, this is simply his opinion on who will, and WILL NOT make the MLB Hall of Fame.

That said, some of y’all gonna be mad.

We gave Curt (who should already be in) a list of the some of the guys who made the ballot for the 2018 class, and he broke it down — who’s gonna be in, and who’s gonna be out.

It’s a dope class, with guys like Andruw Jones, Chipper Jones, Johnny Damon, Johan Santanaand Jim Thome up for consideration.

Schilling answers honestly about each guy, being careful and making sure not to hurt anyone’s feelings in the process … yeah, right.

Bonus Curt? He also weighs in on Joe Morgan‘s steroid-player-hating letter from earlier in the week, and tells us if he ever thinks guys who juiced up should get in.

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