Cris Carter Says LeBron Will NEVER Overtake Jordan Brand, Here's Why … (VIDEO)

Cris Carter

LeBron Will NEVER Overtake Jordan Brand

It’s a Woman Thing …

5/16/2017 8:06 AM PDT


LeBron James will always be #2 behind Michael Jordan when it comes to business … so says Cris Carter, who says Jordan Brand has a secret weapon to stay ahead of Bron — women. 

Cris was out in NYC with Nick Wright, the co-host of his new FS1 morning show, “First Things First” — when we asked if LeBron’s brand will ever overtake Jordan as the #1 name in athletic wear. 

The NFL Hall of Famer says MJ was VERY smart about growing his business — appealing to women — and it paid off huge. He thinks MJ has too big of a lead for LeBron to catch up.

Even Wright — captain of the LeBron James fan club — admits Carter has a solid point … but couldn’t leave without taking one last dig at the original #23.

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