Corey Lewandowski's 'Womp Womp' Quip Filled Me With Rage, Says Zac Petkanas

Corey Lewandowski

‘Womp Womp’ Quip Filled Me W/ Rage!!!

… Says Zac Petkanas

6/20/2018 1:06 PM PDT


Corey Lewandowski‘s “Womp womp” comment stooped to a new low but, the truth is, even though he was pissed off about it … Zac Petkanas says he wasn’t completely shocked.

We spoke to Zac — the Democratic strategist who had a fiery live TV exchange with Trump‘s former campaign manager — and he tells us Lewandowski’s quip about the disabled immigrant child being separated from her mom personifies everything about this White House.

As we reported … Corey made the snarky remark when Petkanas was trying to bring light to one of the many heartbreaking stories unfolding on the southern border. It appears the outcry from millions of Americans has finally pressured Trump to reverse course.

Check it out … Petkanas ends the interview actually thanking Lewandowski, but it’s not what you think.

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