Colin Kaepernick's GF Blasts NFL, 'They're Still Blackballing Him'

Colin Kaepernick

GF Blasts NFL

‘They’re Still Blackballing Him’

11/19/2018 1:28 PM PST

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Colin Kaepernick‘s girlfriend is lashing out at the NFL — claiming the only reason CK doesn’t have a job is because the shot callers in the league are still blackballing him. 

Nessa — a hugely famous New York DJ — weighed in after their good friend, Eric Reid, told reporters that Kap has NOT thrown in the towel when it comes to an NFL comeback. 

Reid said he’s one of Colin’s closest friends and said Colin not only wants to play, “He’s ready to play” — and he’s still working out 6 days a week. 

Nessa confirmed everything Reid said — and emphasized that “all the teams know” Colin is NFL ready right now. 

That’s when she went in even harder on the league … 

“Colin trains everyday. All the teams know. But they’d rather keep blackballing him. The league, owners & mgmt are the ones who don’t want him to play.”

She added, “Journalists should ask the league why they’re blackballing Colin.”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand Nessa’s frustration with scrubs like Nathan Peterman (no offense) still getting workouts with NFL teams while Colin’s phone ain’t even ringing. 

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