Chamique Holdsclaw: The Baddest Chick I Ever Played Against Was …

Chamique Holdsclaw

The Baddest Chick I Ever Played Against Was …

1/21/2018 12:05 AM PST


With all the fights in the NBA lately, we had to ask WNBA legend Chamique Holdsclaw if there was ever a female baller she just didn’t mess with in the women’s league.  

And she definitely produced a name. 

First off, Chamique was no cupcake … 6’2″, 172 lbs and was a 2-time rebounding champion during her legendary career. Bottom line — she was a beast. 

But Holdsclaw tells TMZ Sports … the baddest chick she ever played against was Yolanda Griffith — 7-time All-Star, WNBA champ and the ’05 Finals MVP. 

And according to Chamique, she’d rough you up hard if you got in her way. 


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