Brandon Marshall Cussed Out By Heckler, Smartly Walks Away

NYG’s Brandon Marshall

Cussed Out By Heckler In NY

… Smartly Walks Away

12/15/2017 10:42 AM PST


Here’s a video the NFL should show at the 2018 Rookie Symposium — NY Giants WR Brandon Marshall being cussed at in NYC by a heckler … and he handles it like a champ.

It all started when an NYPD officer approached Brandon’s Rolls-Royce and started to write him a parking ticket. Like anyone, the WR wasn’t happy about it.

A fan spotted the incident and started recording. He then asked Brandon for a selfie, but the NFL star wasn’t in the mood (obviously) and declined.

The fan turned on Marshall and yelled at him, “That’s why your team sucks, man. That’s why your team sucks!” 

He added, “What’s y’all record?! F*cking bum!”

But, Marshall smartly kept his cool and walked away … only saying one thing to the heckler, “Go to work.” He left the situation without incident.

This had all the makings of a situation that could have gone very south … and it didn’t.

Props to BM.

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