Boston Marathon Runners Soaked & Trash Baggin' in Crazy Rain Storm

Boston Marathon Runners

Soaked & Trash Baggin’

In Crazy Rain Storm

4/16/2018 8:43 AM PDT

Running the Boston Marathon is already hard as hell  … and that’s without being caught in a TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR like the runners in Beantown are Monday!

The field of about 30,000 competitors are gonna have to be Boston Strong to make it through today’s race — attempting to run 26-plus miles through a damn flood and winds approaching 40 MPH. 

Race officials also say it’s the coldest marathon in 30 years … with a starting temp of 38 degrees.

It was a pretty crazy scene at the starting line — athletes fitted in bandanas, ponchos and trash bags — and it’s only expected to get wetter with the rain picking up in the afternoon. 

Watch your steps, people. 

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