'Black Panther' Triggered Tsunami, says First Black Lesbian Superhero Actress

‘Black Lightning’ Star

‘Black Panther’ Triggered Tsunami

… This Is How We’ll Roll

3/13/2018 12:20 AM PDT


Nafessa Williams – who plays the first black lesbian superhero on the TV show “Black Lightning” — says get ready for more black superheroes because an enormous wave’s ready to make a powerful splash … thanks to “Black Panther.” 

We got Nafessa at LAX Monday (thanks for the elevator ride!) and wanted to know if she thinks if the incredible success of “Black Panther” will boost the entire genre. Remember … in just 4 weeks, ‘BP’ grossed more than $1 BILLION at the box office.

Nafessa — who, on the show, transforms into her alter ego, Thunder — is adamant her show is part of the wave, but has no doubt “Black Panther” will trigger a seismic shift in TV and movies for years to come. 

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