Amy Schumer Visits Ex Co-Workers at Michael Jordan's Joint

Amy Schumer

I Cleaned Up with These Dudes

In the Tips Department!

7/28/2017 12:30 AM PDT


Amy Schumer‘s gladly hanging on to her past, and to a couple old co-workers from back in her days waiting tables at Michael Jordan’s famous restaurant.

Amy went back to Jordan’s The Steak House Thursday in NYC … where she used to be a server back in ’04. These days Amy’s hauling in a little more than she did then — $37.5 mil in 2017, according to Forbes.

But she was still down to reminisce with Milton and Edgar — who she worked with back then. Amy also posed with Eddie, who’s now a service manager.

We’re told Amy called in advance to order and pay for her meal — filet mignon with a side of creamed spinach. Eddie hooked up Amy in MJ’s private dining room.

And yeah, Amy paid it forward … leaving an $80 cash tip on her $67 lunch tab.

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