Amber Rose Wins Lawsuit Against Wiz Khalifa's Mom

Amber Rose

Sorry, Wiz’s Mom …

She’s Allowed to Insult You

11/20/2017 10:08 AM PST


Amber Rose did not inflict emotional distress on Wiz Khalifa‘s mom by allegedly blaming her for Wiz’s sister’s death … so says a judge who just tossed the lawsuit.

Katie Wimbush-Polk just got thrown out of a Pennsylvania court because Amber’s alleged statement was insulting, but it wasn’t extreme and outrageous … which is required in order to prove emotional distress.

The judge ruled, “Mere insults, indignities, threats, annoyances, petty oppressions, and other trivialities” do not give rise to a claim for emotional distress. The judge said Amber’s alleged tirade was nothing more than beef between former in-laws.

As we reported … Katie initially sued Amber for defamation earlier this year after the model allegedly called her an unfit mother and blamed her for Wiz’s sibling’s death … who died in February of complications from lymphoma. The judge had already thrown out the defamation claim.

In other words … this was just a nasty spat in the family. Case closed.

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